Some aspiring day care providers wonder if they should start a day care at home or rent space outside of the home. Starting big by opening a daycare away from home may sound fancy and exciting, but it is usually not the best path for new day care owners. Instead, opening a day care is the right way to go for you if you’re completely new to the business for the following reasons:

1. It’s much cheaper and more convenient to run one at home.

There’s no need to rent out space, pay large overhead costs (which often includes expensive remodeling), hire an army of assistant teachers, and spend time and money commuting. Costs for centers outside the home quickly build up and it can be hard for even a popular one to break even. Instead, you can run a small or large family day care at home by yourself or with only an assistant (depending on the number of kids you accept to your program). Your rent or mortgage payments remain the same. Many overhead costs can be deducted later as business expenses. Commutes are limited to walking downstairs for those interested in opening a day care.

2. A home day care is less stressful and more flexible.

Centers outside the home usually have to care for many more children than a home day care in order to be financially worthwhile. You, on the other hand, can start off caring for only a few children and grow from there later if you prefer. Also, centers outside of the home usually have to stick to rigid schedules, which decreases your flexibility. When opening a home day care, you can adapt the daily schedule “on the fly” according to the children’s moods, like bringing up lunch time or spontaneously having an outdoor activity on a beautiful afternoon. Unlike a bigger outside daycare center, you’ll have more time and opportunities to make each day more meaningful and customized to the fewer kids under your care.

3. Opening a daycare center at home can be better for the children under your care.

Young children sometimes feel “lost in the crowd” among lots of other toddlers and teachers at the big day cares. In fact, many parents appreciate a home environment for their kids, so by opening a daycare, you can solve this problem for them. Your family day care can provide a more comfortable, supportive and personalized interaction with each child and their parents. The children under your care will learn and develop together in small, tight-nit groups, which may give them an advantage over the bigger outside day cares when they start school.

Overall, opening a daycare at home is better than one away from home for several significant reasons. To learn more about the process of starting your own child care business and to benefit from lots of home daycare tips, check out this complete system when starting your own home business.

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